Singeing removes unwanted fibres from the fabric surface of knitwear and wovens and is the foundation for high quality finishing. For dyeing it gives more even results while for printing it gives higher clarity and detail. For fabric with polyester content singeing strongly reduces pilling. In general Singeing makes fabric structures more clearly visible while soiling is reduced.

The Brugman singeing systems Brubo-Flame and Brubo-Flex guarantee high quality singeing with even and repeatable results against low operating costs. The Brubo-Flex is for singeing of woven fabrics while the Brubo-Flex can be used for both knitwear and wovens. Both Brugman singeing systems have the following characteristics:

  • absolute uniform flame for even singeing results
  • burners without ceramics: low maintenance and long life time
  • integrated smart control system for drive system and process
  • remote service and on-line documentation
  • all settings automated for total reproducibility
  • all rollers large diameter stainless steel 316

Brugman can advise you on the optimum configuration for any singeing application.


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