Polyester Pre-Treatment

Polyester pre-treatment is a very specialised processing technique. For this purpose Brugman has developed two specific ranges: a continuous desizing/scouring range and a continuous weight reduction range.

The pre-treated silk-like polyester or cotton/polyester fabric has several unique features. It gives a silk-like handle, a silk-like look and a unique drape. The electrostatic effect is minimized, the hydrophilic properties are optimized and the fabric becomes breathable. Subsequent dyeing or printing gives brighter colours and a substantially higher colour yield.

Polyester Pre-Treatment

Continuous pre-treatment comes to its full potential at production quantities over 1000 m/hr. High production efficiency is obtained: handling and consumption figures are drastically reduced. Continuous processing is essential for high quality results during pre-treatment.

The Brugman PES pre-treatment range has the following characteristics:

  • low fabric tension
  • creasefree running
  • custom made dosing systems
  • high efficiency due to high reaction temperature
  • uniform impregnating and weight reduction
  • excellent washing efficiency (desizing/scouring)
  • extremely sturdy construction
  • minimal maintenance



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