The mercerizing process is essential for high quality pre-treatment. Consumption of dye stuff can be reduced by 30%, levelness in dyeing is improved and a higher brilliance is achieved. Lustre is enhanced, strength and dimension stability increased. Furthermore the handle of the fabric improves.


Mercerizing can be carried out at various stages during pre-treatment: After desizing, after scouring or after bleaching. Each of these process sequences has its own merits.

The chainless mercerizer is the most universal reliable and economic option. Brugman has supplied these machines world-wide.

The Brugman mercerizing unit has the following characteristics:

  • guaranteed uniform application of chemicals
  • reproducibility under all conditions 
  • thorough penetration of chemicals 
  • integrated cleaning system
  • correct fabric temperature achieved before dwelling
  • maximum energy utilisation
  • tension controlled fabric transport
  • excellent fabric widening and centering
  • excellent fabric dimension stability
  • easy operation
  • minimal maintenance



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