In the present market the number of meters per shade is continuously decreasing and there is an ongoing demand for reproducible quality. Dyeing quality depends on numerous factors in the total treatment process. In this field Brugman is known for its pre-developments and excellent results over many years.


For dyeing Brugman produces pad-batch and pad-steam ranges that guarantee the required reproducibility. Moreover the Brugman ranges offer flexibility to perform various dyeing processes, each with their specific demands.

With its modular concept Brugman offers a wide range of choices for continuous pad-steam dyeing ranges. Our pad-steam dyeing program consists of padders, boosters, steamers, air passages as well as various washers. With these modules Brugman constructs ranges that fulfill any customer's demand.

The Brugman dyeing range has the following characteristics:

  • guaranteed. uniform padding
  • optimum fixation
  • accurate process control
  • modular set-up
  • efficient washing
  • extremely sturdy construction
  • ease of operation
  • minimal maintenance



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