Drying is the logical end to wet finishing processes. Therefore equipment for drying is a part of the Brugman manufacturing program.

Compared to other drying methods cylinder drying is cost effective and suitable for most fabrics. It is easy to synchronise and takes only a limited amount of space. Moreover modern drying techniques guarantee a sufficient drying capacity without compromising on fabric tension. Logically therefore Brugman continuous wet finishing ranges can be equipped with a cylinder dryer.


The capacity of the machine can be increased and the energy consumption reduced by enclosing the dryer. Active air circulation and energy recovery systems are available to boost the efficiency of the dryer further.

Brugman Cylinder Dryers have the following characteristics:

  • excellent fabric running resulting from cylinders with accurate concentricity
  • constant fabric tension due to AC drives on individual cylinders
  • minimum heating time because of large capacity steam supply pipes, rotary joints and special steam traps with large vents
  • minimum maintenance, rugged construction



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