Stringent requirements are imposed on pre-treatment machinery with respect to uniform bleaching results and reproducibility. The market demands flexibility in coping with smaller batches and high standards for whiteness, absorbency and residual strength must be met.

Ever since the introduction of the world's first combi-steamer in 1978 Brugman has introduced, improved and set standards in reliable bleaching equipment.


With its modular concept Brugman offers a wide range of semi-continuous or continuous bleaching ranges. Our bleaching program comprises the Brubo-Sat bleach concept with a chemical applicator, dosing system and steamer as well as the Brubo-Matic washing system. With these modules Brugman builds ranges that fulfill the demands of any customer.

A Brugman continuous bleaching range has the following characteristics:

  • uniform impregnation
  • reproducible process conditions
  • flexibility in fabric widths
  • low initial investment
  • low water and energy consumption
  • robust construction
  • easy operation
  • minimal maintenance



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