About us

Brugman delivers custom built machinery for clients' every requirement. Innovation plays an important role and is always based on 'proven technologies'.

Research and development are carried out in close co-operation with leading textile research institutes and chemical suppliers. Environmental aspects are also carefully considered.

Brugman machines are well known for their reliability, robust construction, low maintenance requirements, ease of operation and value for money.

In 2002 Brugman became a member of the Vanwyk group of companies.

Next to Brugman Holland, the Vanwyk group consists of the following two companies:

Vald Henriksen B.V.
Founded in 1945 Vald. Henriksen is by far the world’s most successful supplier of Jigger systems. In 2002 Vald. Henriksen became a member of the Vanwyk group of companies.

Vanwyk Systems B.V.
Founded in 1959, Vanwyk is the leading manufacturer of high-accuracy liquid and powder dispensing equipment.



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